Ventique Tornado


Modern, Craftsman, Prairie and Mission styled homes will be complimented by the Tornado vent. The geometric layout and intricate pattern of this register is one of a kind and is sure to get noticed in your home. Flush mount Tornado grills will be one of the finishing details in your home that reinforce your design approach.

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Ventique metal vents unique design allows for a flush mount, seamless finish
Designed for use with intricate Tile, Laminate, Hardwood, LVP, and Carpet
By integrating our two-part frame and vent insert, Ventique grills are completely interchangeable
Available in 1/2″ thickness
In durability tests, our vents have proven their weight by upholding more than 875 pounds.
Composed of powder-coated aluminum, our flush mount metal vents do not bend, crack, rust, chip, or peel
Built in damper available in certain styles
Easy installation for skilled craftsman and DIY homeowners alike
To find the correct size, measure your duct opening Length x Width in inches
*NOTE:The size of your duct opening will determine which size vent you need. If your opening is 4×12 then a standard 4×12 vent will work. Let’s say your opening is not standard size like 3×12, you can still use our 4×12 vent since our frame design goes around the duct opening

Start with our powder-coated aluminum frame and grill
Center frame on substrate around duct opening
For tile floors simply thinset around the frame and set your tiles around.
For other types of flooring follow steps 1 & 2 and complete the process of laying your floors around the frame design.
Lastly add the grill insert and enjoy
The result: A seamless flush mount finish that adds to a home’s look, feel and value

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4×10, 4×12, 4×14


Arctic White, Desert Sand, Safari Dust


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