Puma 1″ T Seg Core Bit 5/8-11


Weha Puma 1″ T Seg Diamond Core Bit 5/8-11 with Side Diamonds for Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble

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The Weha Puma 1" T segment Core bit is designed for fast cutting of granite, quartz, marble, and even quartzite.
Made with a T segment that drops into the steel body allows the Puma Core Bit to take even greater abuse while drilling by hand into stone. This great reduces the likely hood of a segment breaking off when "wobbling" the core bit during the drilling process.

The Weha Puma T Segment has a full drilling depth of 2 3/4" when the segment is worn completely down. This gives plenty of drilling depth for all counter top applications but short enough to offer solid control when drilling

The Puma T Seg Core bit has vacuum brazed diamonds on the outside core to help with the drilling process by hand. It also helps if you need to make the hole just a little bigger and to clean up the hole as well.

The 4 turbo style diamond segments act like a typical turbo diamond blade by allowing air and water(when run wet) do get in the segment while drilling as well as channel the dust out to help cut and core faster.

The Puma T seg diamond core bit is a very affordable core bit that offers outstanding performance. Dollar for dollar, the Puma 1" core bit is the best 1" core bit for granite, quartz, quartzite, marble and other stone.

Puma 1" T Seg Core Bit Specifications:
Diameter: 1"
Thread: 5/8"-11
Total length: 4"
Drilling depth: min 2 3/4". max 3" when bit is new.
Max RPMS: 6500
Use: Dry or Wet
Recommended Materials: Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Engineered Stone


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