ProCoat H2Oil

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ProCoat® H2Oil® is a one-component oil modified water based urethane. This high performance coating has the depth and gloss of an oil modified urethane, minus the harsh chemicals! H2Oil® self-crosslinks when exposed to oxygen to develop an extremely durable film. H2Oil® exhibits outstanding scuff, mar and chemical resistance. This product is recommended for residential, sport and commercial applications. ProCoat® H2Oil® Oil Modified Waterborne Finish is formulated for the best transition from oil to water-based finishes, for contractors transitioning to a safer and no smell product. This eco-friendly formula has no offensive odor, allows for up to 3 coats in a day, and doubles the durability of polyurethane coatings once fully cured. Get the deep look of oil minus the harsh chemicals with our innovative water-based system that gives the real look of an oil modified urethane (O.M.U.) With the quick dry time, you can apply 2-3 coats a day, allowing 2-3 hours in between coats, and a move-in ready time of 24-36 hours.

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Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss

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