PrepPro SLV 0.63gal kit


PrepPro SLV is a very low viscosity water-based surface strengthening epoxy
primer. A single coat application, PrepPro SLV penetrates compromised gypsum
or lightweight concrete and provides a strengthened surface prior to application
of leveling, patching, waterproofing, or installation of flooring goods. PrepPro SLV
may also be utilized to treat stable surfaces that suffer from hairline cracking.
Once cured, PrepPro SLV is typically compatible with primers & adhesives for non absorbent surfaces.

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Use to strengthen and repair

  • Gypsum underlayments
    with compromised surfaces
  • Lightweight concrete with
    weak surfaces
  • Hairline cracks in well
    bonded gypsum/concrete



Use appropriate safety (PPE) equipment including dust collection during surface preparation. Substrate Temperature must be 5ºF above dew point and rising prior to application. Ambient and substrate temperatures must be from 45ºF-90ºF (7ºC-32ºC). Low temperatures slow cure, high temperatures reduce working time and accelerate cure. Surfaces must be dry and exhibit no more than 85% RH. Consider minimum required depth of Gypsum underlayments to ensure designated fire rating is maintained. Substrates must be structurally sound, stable and clean. Ensure Gypsum and concrete substrates are dry and free from all adhesives and bond breakers such as dirt, oil, wax, release agents, paint, drywall compounds etc. Shut down radiant heating systems until after the primer has fully cured. To prepare weak gypsum with dusty or chalky surface: Sweep (mechanically abrade) the surface with a stiff bristle broom to weak surface material. Utilize commercial vacuums to control airborne dust and to thoroughly remove all dust & loose material from the surface of the existing compromised gypsum.


1. Follow instructions to ensure material is mixed as designated. Failure to do so may result in incomplete product cure.
2. Condition material to 65° – 85°F (18°-30°C) prior to mixing.
3. Add Part A (.28G) to Part B (.35G) in the short filled PART B container (If additional mixing room is desired, utilize a clean mixing pail to combine the Part A & Part B.)
4. Mix at low speed (300 – 400 rpm) with jiffy paddle for a full 3 minutes. Material will appear a pastel green when fully mixed.
5. Place the designated water (by application below) in a clean mixing pail with adequate headroom for the complete mix.
6. Slowly add the mixed Part A & B to the clean pail with water while mixing at low speed. Mix for an additional 2 minutes until the epoxy is uniformly mixed with the water. Material color will appear as light yellow to white.
7. Mix for the designated time to a homogenous state. Failure to do so may result in material that looks dry but has not reacted to achieve desired product performance.

Apply the mixed unit (Parts A, B & water).

Crack Repair
Mask off any areas not to be exposed to the epoxy. Flood the cracks to rejection within the designated material pot life. Remove excess epoxy (residue) from surfaces prior to cure. Exposed, cured PrepPro SLV may be primed with Primer A/P360 NEAT prior to application of underlayments or cementitious patch.

Urine Resistant Primer
Flood the surface with PrepPro SLV at a maximum coverage rate of 350 ft² per gallon of mixed material. Apply the PrepPro SLV by Hudson type sprayer at no more than 350 ft² per gallon (alternatively, SLV may be applied directly to clean substrate and spread with a squeegee). Backroll with ¼” nap roller to ensure uniform spread of PrepPro SLV and to remove any puddling of the material on the surface. Ensure the surface is entirely wetted out. Minimize overlap. Cure time to apply flooring is 14 hours (temperature and humidity dependent).

Penetrating, surface consolidating primer
Best practices, apply the PrepPro SLV by Hudson type sprayer at no more than 200 ft² per gallon (in some cases direct application of the PrepPro SLV and spread by squeegee may be suitable). For surface repair of damaged, dusting gypsum underlayments: Backroll with ¼” nap roller to ensure uniform spread of PrepPro SLV and to remove any puddling of the material on the surface. Ensure the surface is entirely wetted out. Minimize overlap. Apply all mixed material within the 1 hour pot life.

CURE TIME (@ 70ºF)

When PrepPro SLV is cured, the surface (assuming correct preparation, mixing and application) will be sound and dust/chalk free. Cure time prior to application of subsequent primers, flooring adhesives etc., is typically 8 hours. Dry times are always temperature and humidity dependent, ensure surface is dry prior to application of any subsequent adhesives or flooring materials.

After PrepPro SLV has cured, utilize Primer A/P360 NEAT to prime the substrate prior to application of gypsum or cementitious leveling or patch products (reference application over non-absorbent substrates on Primer A/P360 Product Data Sheet).


Remove uncured primer with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), xylene, or oxygenated solvents. Cured primer will require removal by mechanical means. Ensure all primer is cured prior to disposal. Dispose waste according to local standards and regulations.


Pot Life: Use within 1 hour after mixing.
Cure Time: Application and Temperature dependent. Typically 4 – 12 hours
Flash Point: >200F (93 C)
VOC Content: <5 g/l


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