Pigmented 100% Solids Epoxy Primer


P-00 combines our building block, nonylphenol-free, epoxy resin (E1W) with our blended cycloaliphatic reactant (H1.5). This combination achieves a faster cure, while maintaining good opacity, chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. It’s low odor and low viscosity make it perfect for decorative flooring projects as well as industrial applications.

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P-00 is primarily used as a pigmented primer, for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is also used as a fast setting broadcast resin and when filled with select aggregates, as a solid-color cove and patching material. It performs well on concrete, gypsum wallboard, cement board and a variety of other substrates.
The preparation method for each project is determined by a full understanding of the substrate to be coated, the chemistry of the coating system being used, the coating system thickness, and numerous other factors. The coating installer should fully read and understand ICRI Guideline NO.03732 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1153 before starting preparatory work. The aim, of preparing a substrate for coating applications, is to roughen the surface, remove weak layers, contaminants, dirt, debris and present a solid, clean, dry substrate for the primer.


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