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PALL-X COLOR is a single component waterborne sealer that seals raw or stained wood in addition to adding a layer of protection to your floor. PALL-X COLOR's unique formula reacts with most wood species to bring out the warm rich tones of the wood. This sealer is recommended to enhance the vibrancy and depth of the stain color.
NOTE: Do not use over white or pastel stains.


  • Enhance the vibrancy and depth of the stain color


  • Fast drying, easy application • Saves time, very forgiving
  • Good penetration/filling • Minimizes risk of sidebonding
  • Enhances stain color • Allows stain color to increase in vibrancy and depth
  • Can be abraded • Reduces time of intercoat abrading finishes
  • Tannin Blockers • Eliminates tannin pull in wood species such as White Oak

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 9 in
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