Heavy Duty Gray Apron


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Weha's latest Apron is made for comfort. With 2" wide cross Clip Straps, the Weha Apron fits comfortable on the shoulders and not on the neck.

The Weha Apron fits comfortable under the arm and around the body. This keeps it close to the body from arms down to the legs.
this provides easier movement and best water protection.

At 46" in length, it fits the average fabricator just perfectly. This length covers the boot well but still leaves enough space from the floor to keep it from touching

The Weha Apron with its crossed straps in the back truly provide the best comfort for all day wear.

With a thicker, more durable material, the Apron will last 3-5 times longer than most aprons on the market.

The interior of the Weha Apron is not rough or scratchy for additional comfort.

Although this Apron is more expensive, it will be the most comfortable waterproof apron you will wear.


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