Flowing Transparent 1 Liter


1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive

The 1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive is one of Tenax’s flowing polyester stone adhesives designed for use on various stone materials. Polyester Adhesive for natural and engineered stone is polyester adhesive used to horizontally repair, rebuild, bond, and fill. Tenax 1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive is a liquid consistency, easy to stir and spread. It will cure shiny and polishes to a high gloss. It may be used on several materials including:

1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive Material Compatibility
Granite Quartz Quartzite
Slate Sandstone Serpentine
Marble Travertine Limestone
Onyx Engineered Stone Alabaster

1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive is polishable and colors easily to match the stone. It cures fast and bonds extremely strong. Cures in lower temperatures. Not suitable for temperatures below 32°. Recommended for interior use.

1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive is Italian made premium liquid glue that offers many outstanding characteristics that fabricators look for in a flowing grade glue. Why is Tenax the best liquid flowing polyester glue to use on granite and stone?

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10 Reasons Tenax Flowing Polyester Adhesive is Best

  1. Fast Cure Time

    1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive cures in about 15-20 minutes with a workable time between 8-10 minutes in real world shop and job site applications. That gives plenty of time to get the glue on/between the stone, clamped, and finished correctly before the cure time but sets fast enough to not waste time in the shop or in the field.

  2. Smooth Consistency

    The creamy texture of the Tenax Flowing Polyester Adhesive makes it super easy to work with. Especially when adding color and hardener.

  3. Great Color

    Tenax made flowing stone Polyester Adhesive with the purest polyester resin available. This makes the transparent flowing some of the lightest and transparent polyester glue on the market. In the can it looks very light in color. When spread onto stone, it becomes very clear and transparent.

    The vibrant white and buff colors are great colors too. These are excellent for use as base colors to make earth tones and bright or light colors or they may be used directly as well.

  4. Easy to Color

    1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive takes color well and therefore is easy to tint so it can match the stone's color.

  5. Polishes to a High Gloss

    1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive polishes just like the stone it is used on. This is extremely important when doing seams, filling cracks, repairing chips, or doing laminations. Using adhesive that reacts to a polish just like the stone means uniformity in the finish.

  6. Extremely Strong Bond

    Tenax, using premium resin raw materials, has produced one of the strongest polyester bonds in the stone industry. Fabricators are extremely confident that once bonded, Tenax adhesive will not fail.

  7. Durable for Years

    Tenax Polyester Adhesive is extremely durable after installation. No matter what the homeowner throws at it; water, oils, chemicals, etc, it will stand strong and be as durable as the stone it bonds for years to come.

  8. Produced More Than 50 years

    Tenax has been producing polyester adhesive glues for granite and stone of over 50 years. The successful track record of use and applications have made Tenax a worldwide known company for its quality, consistency in every can, and its long durability.

  9. 10%-25% More Glue in the Can

    Tenax 1 Liter cans are sold by volume of 1 Liter cans of glue. Not weight. Not Quart. That means you get 1000 ML of glue per each 1 liter can of 1 Liter Transparent Polyester Adhesive. How does that stack up against Tenax competitors? check their label and you will very clearly see. Some sell quarts with 750ml of glue. Some sell 900ml of glue. But none of them sell 1000ml of glue. What does that mean for you the fabricator? That means you are getting 10%-25% more glue per can. Don't believe it? Look at labels and compare yourself. Even more, take a Tenax 1 Liter can and place it side by side to one of the competitor's cans. The difference is very clear!

  10. Great for Rodding

    Tenax Polyester Adhesive is one of the best flowing glues for rodding granite, marble, and other types of stone. Carbon fiberglass rodding, white fiberglass rodding, plastic rodding, and steel rodding can all be used with the Polyester Adhesive to achieve an extremely strong bond to drastically strengthen counter tops for transport and installation.

Instructions for Use

Make sure the surface to be treated is dry, clean and free of dust. If coloring, add the coloring paste to the resin before mixing it with the catalyst. An excess of coloring paste may affect the final product so use caution. Mixing ratio of resin to catalyst is 100:2 - 3 (see chart below). Stir vigorously and apply. Do not place unused product back in can. Make sure the cans are sealed tightly after use.

Shelf Life

Keep away from heat, humidity and sun. Product will last at least 12 months if kept between 65° - 77°.


Please read safety data sheet before using.


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