FillaChip Chip Repair Starter Kit


Basic Instructions (more detailed instructions come with the kit):

  • Dust off the repair
  • Fill with FillaChip
  • Cover with the release sheet (These are re-useable)
  • Place UV light on top of repair for 30 seconds
  • Remove sheet, and scrape repair even with granite with a razor blade
  • Polish the resin with the FillaChip Polish

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You'll get a UV flashlight, 4 syringes with 3cc's of FillaChip glue, 1 syringe with 3 cc's of polish, 10 dispensing tips and 8 plastic release sheets.

Everything you need to quickly repair chips to a perfect finish.

Refill your Starter Kit with the FillaChip Refill Kit. It includes 4 syringes with 3 cc's of FillaChip glue, 1 syringe with 1 cc of polish, 10 dispensing tips and 8 release sheets.



  • (1) Plastic Carrying Case
  • (4) Glue Syringes
  • (1) Polish Syringe
  • (2) Small Flashlights
  • (8) Release Sheets
  • (10) Tips


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