Clear UV Resistant 100% Solid Epoxy


F-41 consist of a low viscosity, nonylphenol-free, clear, UV resistant epoxy resin (E5) with our UV resistant, cycloaliphatic amine reactant (H4). This combination achieves a UV resistant, clear epoxy with good flow and leveling, characteristics. The cured material has good broad-range chemical resistance as well as good abrasion and impact resistance.

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F-41 is most often used as a clear topcoat for resinous concrete flooring projects that may experience higher UV exposure than is found in most interior environments.
The preparation method for each project is determined by a full understanding of the substrate to be coated, the chemistry of the coating system being used, the coating system thickness, and numerous other factors. The coating installer should fully read and understand ICRI Guideline NO.03732 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1153 before starting preparatory work. The aim, of preparing a substrate for coating applications, is to roughen the surface, remove weak layers, contaminants, dirt, debris and present a solid, clean, dry substrate for the primer.


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