Clear Countertop Protective Film – Caution Marked


Great questions to ask:
Is this film made for stone countertops? This type of film can be designed for many surfaces: wood, carpet, glass, plastic, metal, etc. Each surface is unique and requires different adhesive film design. Weha has formulated the Weha Countertop protection film specifically for granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, stone materials. Weha will be introducing a carpet film soon. It will have a different thickness and different adhesive.
Will the Caution print bleed onto the stone? Absolutely not. The Weha Countertop Protection Wrap is a 4 layer film with the printing ink 2 layers away, separated by a non bleeding polyethylene transparent film. The ink will never touch the stone.
Will the tacky part of the countertop protection film stain or leave residue on the stone? Weha uses a non bleeding clear water based acrylic adhesive on the film to create the tackiness and hold it on the countertop until its purposely removed. This adhesive is designed to stay on the film and not on the countertop.
Why is the Weha Countertop Wrap 25.5″ wide and not 24″ like others? At 25.5″, the Weha countertop protection film will go from backsplash to edge with a 2cm backsplash and will wrap down the edge with a 3cm backsplash. This will cover and protect the entire horizontal surface.
Why is this Countertop Protection Film 2.5 ml thickness? Weha examined different thicknesses of film. From .5 ml, 1.5 ml, 2.5ml, 3ml. After testing all the different thicknesses, the 2.5 ml film is more durable, protects better than the thinner film, is durable enough for protection after install, and fits into a better price point than the 3 ml. Its the right ml for countertop protection.
Should I buy Blue or Clear Protection Film? That is a personal preference. However, take a look at the above photos and videos. You will notice how either the blue or clear protection film will stand out better on certain color materials. If you would like to have the blue, click the link on the right side of this page and it will take you right over to the blue.

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2.5 ml x 25.5" x 600' Roll

Made for granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, travertine, limestone, ceramic, porcelain, and other countertops to protect it from damage.

Weha countertop protective wrap has been made to assist fabricators in reducing liability from other trades after the counter tops have been installed.
So many time we have seen other trades stand on, put ladders on, and use countertops as their own personal workbench. Electricians, plumbers, appliance install crews, painters, etc. And when a scratch or damage occurs, no one takes responsibility.

To help push responsibility back to the other trades, Weha has created a non bleeding, non staining, 4 layer, 2.5 mil countertop protection film with print in both English and Spanish that states:
Now, you can warn any other trades and reduce your liability, or at least push it back to the GC, homeowner, or other trades.
The Weha Clear Countertop Protective film is printed with Red letters to make the Caution information stand out.


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