Bona 6″ Diamond Sanding Plate



  • Great for removing factory-finished UV-cured, aluminum oxide finishes
  • It can remove rigid materials on the wood surface, such as adhesive residues or old foam backing from carpets.
  • Sustained high removal rate
  • Long life: 5-10k sq./ft. per set
  • Minimal clogging
  • Clean, acceptable profile/ Minimal soft grain tearing
  • More sustainable option with less waste
  • Save on time, labor, and abrasives

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The Bona® Diamond Sanding Plates are 6” hook & loop diamond segments designed for use with the Bona Power Drive® to sand off stubborn Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, and UV-cured prefinished floors quickly and efficiently

The Bona® Diamond Sanding Plates can also be used to remove rigid materials on wood, such as adhesive residues or old foam backing from carpets. Our Bona Diamond Sanding Plate outperforms the competition with a 24-point contact, no soft grain tearing, and a sustained high removal rate. Use the Bona Diamond Sanding Plates and Bona Power Drive for your first cut to remove the hard coating quickly, followed by a standard sanding progression using Bona Abrasives such as the popular Green Ceramic series.


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