Blitz 1 3/8″ Dry Core bit


Use it Dry: These granite and stone core bits can be used dry for job site counter top applications. Which include: faucets, sink corners, creating radius holes, grommets, and other on site fabrication work. Just screw them onto a makita, metabo, hitachi, or any other grinder, turn up the rpms and get it drilled fast!

Use it Wet: For in shop use, were granite counter top fabrication is primarily done wet, attache the Weha Blitz Diamond Core Bit to any air polisher, or electric wet polisher and run at least 4,000 rpm. It will drill just as fast, if not faster, than wet core bits.

Bites Fast: When starting to drill the most important thing is getting the diamond core bit to “bite” into the stone as fast as possible to prevent walking. The Weha Blitz High Speed Diamond Core bit diamonds are fully exposed from the get go. This allows the bit to suck down into the stone the millisecond it touches the stone to prevent any chance of walking.

Drill Many Holes: Just because the Blitz Diamond Core Bits are fast doesn’t mean they won’t last long. Depending on use,thickness of the material, hardness of the stone, and the abrasiveness, one can fully expect between 60-150 holes per bit.

Many Types of Material: The Weha Blitz Diamond Core bits will drill in any material that is fabricated: granite, marble, engineered stone, concrete and even the super hard quartzite stone.

Competitively Priced: The Weha Blitz Diamond Core Bits are affordable priced right. Are they the cheapest? No. But they are not on the expensive side either. When you think about the quality of the metal core that is used, the interior and exterior double vacuum brazed diamonds along the barrel, the premium grade diamond matrix bond used, the speed, and the life that is being accomplished, one should expect to pay a premium for these Diamond Core Bits.

With all of these features, the Weha Blitz Diamond Core bit is the best diamond core bit for granite and stone counter top fabrication.

For optimum drilling run at 10,000 rpm.
Dry use.
May be used wet.
4″ total length

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Weha 1 3/8" High Speed Diamond Core bit for granite, marble, quartzite, quarts, engineered stone, concrete counter tops, and all natural stone.

With diamonds both inside and outside the barrel to reduce drag, heat, and friction, along with high diamond content segments, the Weha dry diamond core bits will drill holes in 3cm granite in less than 30 seconds.

The Weha 1 3/8" High Speed Diamond Core Bits are built to be the best dry diamond core bit for granite and engineered stone counter top faucet hole drilling.
But they can also be used wet with Air Polishers in shop applications.

What makes the Weha High Speed Diamond Core Bit different from others and the best Diamond Core Bit on the Market?

Speed of drilling: The Weha Blitz Diamond Core Bits will drill a hole through 3cm Uba Tuba Granite in less than 30 seconds at 10,000 rpm.

Interior and Exterior Diamonds on the Barrel: A lot of Diamond Core Bits have diamonds on the outside of the barrel. But the Weha Blitz High Speed Diamond Core Bits have double Vacuum Brazed diamonds on both the outside AND the inside of the barrel. The vacuum brazed diamonds on the inside and outside promote faster drilling when the bit is being "rounded" during the drilling process. The vacuum brazed diamonds on the outside also allow you to enlarge the hole. So if you need to make the hole a little bigger, just run the Weha Diamond Core Bit like a Vacuum Brazed Zero Tolerance wheel and make the hole bigger. This also works excellent when you are doing inside and outside radius holes or making grommets fits nice and smooth. The diamonds on the inside barrel also enhance speed drilling and helps promotes the stone core to drop out much easier.


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