7″ Hook & Loop Interface/Driver Pad


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The new Norton Interface/Driver pad line of products are designed to extend the life of both the abrasive as well as your machine driver plates. The pads are designed to attach directly to a hook driver plate on multiple head sanders with the loop side of the pad. The abrasive is easily attached to the hook side of the pads giving excellent protection to the machines driver plates.

In addition, the foam material is multi-functional in that it softens the sanding action of the abrasive resulting is a smoother scratch pattern, but it also absorbs heat that contributes to wearing down the abrasive allowing the abrasive to cut for a longer period of time.

The Interface/Driver pad is offered in 5"– 8" to cover most of the multi-head machines on the market. Originally developed specifically for our Mesh Power line of abrasive discs the Interface/Driver pads are excellent for any hook & loop abrasive disc.


    • Medium density foam for soft but fast sanding action
    • Tough tear-resistant loop material designed for excellent adhesion
    • Aggressive hook material for excellent abrasive attachment and long life
    • Absorbs heat and helps abrasive cut longer

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