7″ Bona Blue Edger Disc


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These abrasives have anti-static properties built-in and are comprised of an innovative combination of abrasive grains and unique backing materials.

Bona 7" Blue Abrasive Discs (5/16" hole) consist of an innovative combination of grit materials and anti-static properties, designed to give you aggressive performance without sacrificing smoothness, at a tremendous value. The addition of anti-static properties helps prevent dust from clinging to the machines, which leads to a more consistent cut, less dust on the floor, less wear-and-tear on your sanding equipment. When other discs stop cutting, Bona Blue Abrasives keep on working with high efficiency and smooth results.

Key benefits
Specifically designed for hardwood flooring
Innovative combination of grit materials
and anti-static properties
More consistent cut

Additional information

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36, 60, 80, 100, 120

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