7″ BlazeX Edger Disc


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Enhance your rust removal, cleaning and detailing processes by attaching the BlazeX F970 or Blaze F980 fiber disc to your right angle grinder or pistol grip air sander. The improved ceramic alumina micro-fracturing grain delivers better cut rate and longer life when compared to blended ceramic alumina discs. A heavy fiber backing resists tears and the non-supersized BlazeX F970 design provides cool cuts and long life on carbon steel and other soft-to-grind materials while the supersized Blaze F980 design provides cool cuts and long life on stainless steel and other hard-to-grind materials. Various sizes and coarse grits available in baling units to compress and keep discs flat for every job.
  • Abrasive : Premium Ceramic Alumina
  • Backing Material : Fiber
  • Max Operating Speed Guideline : Determined by back-up pad

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in

36, 50, 60, 80

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