6″ Norton Hook & Sand 100grit


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Keep your workshop clean with the dust-collecting power of vacuum holes on the A290 medium grit paper H&L vacuum disc. Minimal loading due to the No-Fil water-based stearate coating and open-coat design increase the life of the disc and P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive delivers a fast cut rate and consistent finishes. Maintain flexibility with the unique fiber-reinforced, C-weight, latex-saturated backing, which boosts tear strength while remaining flexible. Set up for dry sanding and finishing jobs quickly with the hook and loop back. Suitable for aluminum, fiberglass, composites and wood, this disc offers versatility and reliable performance.
  • P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive provides increased life, fast cut rate, consistent finish
  • Unique fiber reinforced, flexible C-weight latex saturated backing increases tear strength while retaining flexibility
  • Water-based stearate, No-Fil coating, open coat and vacuum holes minimize loading and maximize dust collection and life
  • Good choice and value for medium grit dry sanding and finishing all materials; pressure sensitive adhesive and linked disc roll format allow easy application, removal and dispensing
  • Use 80-220 grit for intermediate sanding


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