6.25″ Rustic Barnwood


24.96 sq.ft/bundle

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SKU: 590050

Our Rustic Barnwood Plank is the right choice if you’re looking for barnwood interior wall boards that are easy to install. Like all our other barnwood products our Rustic Barnwood Plank product is made from Wisconsin white pine. We designed this product with homeowners in mind. You can install the wall boards with glue and a few finish nails.

The Rustic Hardwood Plank is available in all of our color options: 100 Year Old Traditional, 50 Year Old Traditional, Weathered, Desert Burn, Farmhouse White, White Wash, Red Barn, Century Gray, and Patina Gray. All boards are reversible. One side features a weathered texture, and the other side shows the original circle saw marks you commonly see on walls in barns.

Complete your project or transform an existing room in a matter of hours. Our 4’ Rustic Barnwood Plank Box covers 25 square feet of defect-free barnwood (with the exception of some knots and other rustic characteristics). Each product displays the authenticity and quality we are known for.

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