Tenax 2:1 Cartridge Gun Red 215 ml


Tenax 215 ml 2:1 Ratio Cartridge Gun for Tenax Glaxs, Mastidek, and Strongbond

The Tenax 215 ml 2:1 mix cartridge gun is made specifically for the Tenax Glaxs, Dekton Mastidek, and Lapitec Strongbond Cartridges.
With a 2:1 ratio required for the Tenax Glax, Mastidek, and Strongbond cartridges, the Tenax 2:1 cartridge gun is the perfect gun made specifically for these cartridges.

Note: 250ml 10:1 cartridges will not fit in this gun. For a 10:1 mix gun, you need to purchase the Tenax 250ml 10:1 gun
For the 400ml 1:1 Mix Rodding Adhesive Gun click on: Tenax 400ml 1:1 Mix Rodding Cartridge Gun

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Tenax 215 ML 2:1 Mix Cartridge Gun Features:
Heavy duty metal cartridge frame:
Ergonomic heavy duty plastic handle and trigger
Metal easy to use quick release
pre lubed cylinders for years of use
Preset 2:1 mix ratio only


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