18″ Super Spike Roller w/Frame


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Roll out the air bubbles in epoxy coatings and self-leveling material to leave the perfect finish. The Super Spiked Roller features 1/2" long spikes. The 18" durable nylon roller is on long, lightweight aluminum frame designed with clearance of the spikes to avoid contact. The durable two-sided frame applies even pressure across the length of the roller. The frame requires a broom thread handle, sold separately. The 18" Super Spike Roller (GG479) is replaceable.

WARNING: Use caution with Super Spike Rollers.

  • Durable nylon roller
  • Rolls air bubbles out of epoxy coatings and self-leveling material
  • Each spike measures 1/2 In. long
  • Fitted on a roller frame
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Wide roller allows proper clearance for spikes
  • Wide frame applies even pressure to roller
  • Use with a broom thread handle, sold separately
  • Roller (GG479) is replaceable
  • Use caution with sharp spikes
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