16″ Weha Matrix S Diagonal Diamond Bridge Saw Blade


16″ Weha Matrix S Diagonal Diamond Bridge Saw Blade for Granite, Marble, Quartz, and Occasional Quartzite Stone

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16" Weha Matrix S Diamond Bridge Saw blade is a an outstanding blade for granite, engineered stone, quartz, and marble. Also the Matrix S will cut Taj Mahal, Cristallo, Super White, and other quartzite materials when used occasionally-meaning if you are fabricating a little bit of everything through the shop each day: granite, quartz, and then have a quartzite job, then back to Quartz or granite, the Matrix S will do awesome for that slab. If you are doing alot of quartzite at one time, it may be best to switch over to our White Lion blade-which will run quartzite continually and will also do granite and quartz

Silent core diamond blade to run quiet and smooth.

What makes the Matrix S the Best Granite and Quartz Bridge Saw Blade for the money?

The Weha Matrix S Bridge Saw Blades are premium diagonal layered diamond blades designed to cut fast, clean and quiet.
Unlike other layered blades, the Weha Matrix S diamonds are layered at a diagonal to the core (see close up pic above).
This allows 100% continuous cutting. Other layered diamonds have a layer of diamond and a layer of filler, then another layer of diamond. Because of the continuous layer of diagonal diamonds, the Weha Matrix S 20mm height will last as longer than other 20mm height blades and rival 25mm height blades. And the Matrix S will cut miters without chips or walking.

Suggested operating parameters below. For CNC and variable bridge saws, we recommend following the amp draw on the saw to maximize speed and performance on each stone being cut.


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