16″ Red Cat Bridge Saw Blade


Weha Red Cat 16″ Diamond Bridge Saw Blade for Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble

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The Weha Red Cat 16" Bridge Saw Blade is a steady running Blade for Granite, Quartz, Marble, and even quartzite.

Weha Red Cat 16" Diamond Bridge Saw Blade is great blades at a great price point. Made to be a good blade for all stone.

This silent core bridge saw blade is a great for doing 45 degree miters as well with no deflecting.

The Red Cat is made to run steady tried and true cutting. If your saw has auto settings, set the saw to monitor amps and let it cut.
The Red Cat is built with 15mm height tapered segments that are made to be an open cutting segment with plenty of water to keep it sharp and cutting clean and consistent.

The Red Cat will cut clean with very little chatter or chipping and will cut all the way to the core to get maximum life out of the blade.

The Red Cat blade is made for shops that want a good blade at the best price possible.

  • 16" x 60/50 arbor
  • 15mm height segment
  • 3.3mm thick segment
  • recommended RPM:1600-1700


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