10:1 Cartridge Gun Blue 250 ml


Tenax 250 ml 10:1 Ratio Cartridge Gun for Tenax Titanium, Multibond and other 250 ml 10:1 Mix Cartridges

The Tenax 250 ml 10:1 mix Cartridges are made for the Tenax Titanium and Multibond Cartridges.
The Tenax 10:1 mix cartridge gun is the perfect gun made to dispense any 250 ml cartridge adhesives such Tenax 250 mil cartridges, Integra 250 ml cartridges, Akemi 250 ml cartridges, as well as any other brand of cartridge.

Note: This gun does not work with the Tenax Glaxs, Dekton Mastidek, or Lapitec Strongbond Cartridges. Please go to the Tenax 215ml 2:1 Cartridge gun.

For the 400ml 1:1 Mix Rodding Adhesive Gun click on: Tenax 400ml 1:1 Mix Rodding Cartridge Gun

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Tenax 250 ML 10:1 Mix Cartridge Gun Features:
Heavy duty metal cartridge frame:
Ergonomic heavy duty plastic handle and trigger
Metal easy to use quick release
pre lubed cylinders for years of use
Preset 10:1 mix ratio only


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